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The Lumbar Doctor
The Lumbar Doctor
The Lumbar Doctor
The Lumbar Doctor
The Lumbar Doctor
The Lumbar Doctor

The Lumbar Doctor

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Relieve Your Lower Back Pain In Minutes!

Lumbar back support helps promote good posture by simply filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back.

If you struggle with lower back pain then you need to look into lumbar relief supports. They are proven to help immensely for those who are in constant pain.

There are 3 modes of relief in this 1 device! Traction stretching will help expand your spine and back muscles for relief. Vibration mode will soothe any soreness in combination with the 3rd mode the infrared heating will release tension in seconds!

This device is meant to: reduce lower back pain and tension, improve posture, provide healing benefits to the spine, increase day-to-day functionality and motion.

An incredible multi-speed vibration massage is designed to give relief to both sides of your waist. The constant movement promotes blood circulation and helps relieve muscle fatigue almost instantly!

The unique infrared heating technology also promotes blood circulation to your lower back, releasing tensions  that cause lower back pain. Combined with the other modes of relief, this will soothe your pain quicker than ever!

Shaped For You!

The design is perfectly shaped to support and recover the natural curvature of your lumbar spine. Reclaiming the correct posture will help you relieve pain for longer by maximizing decompression and balance. This will reduce daily stress and promote better sleeping! 


Ergonomic curve design, support for the waist.
Infrared heating technology, promote blood circulation, reducing lumbar and back pain.
Two automatic traction modes.
Vibration massage- designed for both sides of the waist.
Intelligent traction function.
Manual traction mode, the user can manually adjust the traction height according to his or her comfort level.


Standard Voltage: 220V
Material: Cotton, ABS
Functions: Heating, Vibration