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Heated Shoulder Brace
Heated Shoulder Brace
Heated Shoulder Brace
Heated Shoulder Brace
Heated Shoulder Brace

Heated Shoulder Brace

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Heat+Compression=Pain Relief!

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Want to put an end to that nagging shoulder pain?

This heated shoulder brace is a break through technology in shoulder rehabilitation. It compresses the shoulder so that the muscles are all stabilized in their optimal position. 

Then with the heat therapy is improves blood circulation and allows an influx of red blood cells to re-bind torn muscle proteins. This results in the shoulder muscles being healed with minimal scar tissue buildup (Which is whats causing that nagging pain!)

This truly is a one of a kind product, and will help reduce pain and increase mobility for anybody from mild to more severe cases. The best way is to try it yourself, backed with our 100% money back guarantee there is no risks to see if our product is the right solution for you!

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✅ SHOULDER PAIN RELIEF - Built-in heat therapy pad can warm your shoulder and promote blood circulation, then relieve the pain.


✅ ADJUSTABLE SIZE - Allows for this to fit anyone from 110lbs all the way up to 400lbs with our extension strap (included in package)

✅ COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - Breathable and lightweight neoprene ease discomfort. Temperature regulating provides warmth yet still allowing air to circulate.


✅ Color: Black
✅ Material: Neoprene

✅ Red light: temperature range 65℃/149℉ 
✅ White light: temperature range 55℃/131℉
✅ Blue light: temperature range 40℃/104℉

Package Includes:

✅ 1 x Shoulder Wrap
✅ 1 x USB Cable
✅ 1 x Extended Stick Straps