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Electric Acupuncture Therapy Heal Massage Pen Meridian Energy Pen
Electric Acupuncture Therapy Heal Massage Pen Meridian Energy Pen
Electric Acupuncture Therapy Heal Massage Pen Meridian Energy Pen
Electric Acupuncture Therapy Heal Massage Pen Meridian Energy Pen
Electric Acupuncture Therapy Heal Massage Pen Meridian Energy Pen
Electric Acupuncture Therapy Heal Massage Pen Meridian Energy Pen
Electric Acupuncture Therapy Heal Massage Pen Meridian Energy Pen

Electric Acupuncture Therapy Heal Massage Pen Meridian Energy Pen

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Effective for:
Acute and chronic physical pain
Sports injuries
Muscle & joint pains
Back pain
Please Notice: 
The Acu Pen uses your hand as a ground pole to complete the circuit, so there is a small posibility you could feel the pen in your hand. That's because there are many acupoints in the hand. Simply you have to change your grip slightly or grip the device with more of your hand surface to disperse the effect.
Relieve the pain from: Shoulder, Knee, Nerve, Ankle, Muscle, Tennis Elbow and many more.
Treatment principle of  Electronic Acupuncture Pen  is used electrical pulses to to stimulate acupuncture points then to activate cell and dredging the channel, while there is a condition to generate the electrical pulse,that is,current//'s positive and negative poles must be turned on. The pen is a monopole current(the nib) output, so the other pole current should be conducted by hands and form circumfluence with the nid of the  Electronic Acupuncture Pen ,so that it will produce electrical pulses.So it is normal to feel a little numbness of the holding hand, it is how the meridian pen works, not quality problem.
In the current return process, depending on the size of the hands//'resistance value,the strength you feel will be a little different.Some people would feel more strong and some will feel weak. Young people or health people will feel a little stronger. Elderly or in poor health people will feel weak. 
Phenomenon like Electric leakage, Electric numbness, Electrical Stimulation of Electronic Acupuncture Pen, like discussed above,is not quality problem, but its treatment principle.
●  The essence of Chinese medicine, health promotion;
●  Fusion of modern biotechnology;
●  Without piercing the skin to do acupuncture;
●  Simple operation, easy to carry;
●  Safe and effective, with no side effects;
●  Automically search the acupuncture,it will not work if not find the acupuncture and if  meridian obstruction;
●  Transient pulse;
●  Accurate physical therapy;
●  Three types of heads for choose and possess three main functions:
1) Dome type:Superficial therapy, which is applicable for health care and facial beautification;
2) Node type: Node therapy, which is applicable for partial body pains;
3) Spheroidal type: Partial therapy, which is applicable for quickly alleviating pain.
●  Affordable family use
How to Use: 
Most important thing is one should know about acupoints, the way they work in order to use this device effectively.This product has 9 adjustable intensity controls power. When the controls power is 0, it will flash red for a few seconds and then shut down automatically. If you need to re-use it, just press the button to increase degree up.

Energy Acupuncture Pen

Is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern organs and meridian is a combination of bio-engineering technology. Developed into a high-tech health and beauty electronics, meridian is a major breakthrough in the history. It can move surface of human skin to electrical pulses stimulate the skin flexibly, activate the skin tissue, prevent skin to be sagging and aging, promote blood circulation, dredge the meridians the body, relieve muscle pain, and can achieve the firming effect to enhance the result of beauty. It is the best product for our daily beauty and health care. This portable machine will bring a lot of convenience for us, so that's also call Family Doctor.


Functions of Acupuncture Pen

1.Health care function: the probe stimulates the skin, you will have a sense of sliding and acupuncture, put the machine to the relevant point, then the feeling will be stronger. A kind of relaxed and comfortable feeling will come to you after you use the machine. The pen electro physiologically stimulate our body, through the network of bio-axis, directly into the body tissues, organs, regulating bio-electric field, activate radicals and the adjustment of biological cells, essentially regulate the body's absorption, conduction, balance, metabolism, immune functions, and health care.

2. Meridian function: the joints plays an important role as crossroads to human body, it is the places where physiological waste like cold, wet, silt, heat, toxic bad things block. That is also the reason why human body easily get arthralgia. When using acupuncture pen in the joints, the physiological waste can be cleaned up, then you can feel fresh and relax.

3. Beauty care effect: the meridian energy pen can also do the face like face-lift, remove the pouch, dark circles and wrinkle, making an immediate effect to the face.

Package Included:
1 X Meridian Energy Pen 
1 x Spheroidal Type Head
1 x Dome Type Head
1 x English Manual
2 x Conductive Gels

Product Specification: 

Material: Head/Tip - Metal, Body - Plastic 
Size: 20 x 3cm/ 7.87 x 1.18 inches
Weight: 0.45 kg
Color: Silver
Powered by: 1 x AA battery 

* If you have a pacemaker, use of this product is not recommended!

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